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Tour in Provence -Gourmet Discoveries of Terroirs in Provence Côte d'Azur

 A large tour in Provence French Riviera ,flavors of lavender, cheese from Banon, the Génépi, olive oil of Haute Provence, the Sisteron lamb, truffles, wines AOC Pierrevert, perfumed Herbs de Provence … Each region has its own local products and festivals. The tradition of folklore and gourmet days are assets for visitors in Provence French Riviera
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 Every summer the plateaus and hills of Provence are coloured blue of lavender. 
Its cultivation dates back to a century but its virtues are known since ancient times it was even used as a disinfectant in the Middle Ages
The fine lavender or lavender and aspic are most sought after by perfumers for their fine oils.
The lavandin, hybrid of aspic and lavender, produces twice as much gasoline.

The Lavender Festival:
Ferrassière: end of June Valréas: early August
Valensole: end of July Esparron de Verdon: mid-August
Volvent: early August Sault: mid-August
Digne: early August

Aix en Provence is surrounded by unspoilt countryside with authentic Provencal houses surrounded by fragrant gardens. Its name comes from the hot springs discovered in the foundation of the city in 123 BC by the Romans. The City of art and culture, Aix veritable outdoor museum has a rich architectural heritage beautifully restored. The elegant Aix and the surrounding region are found in the chic boutiques of Mazarin quarter

Finally tasting morning Calissons Leonard Parli to Confectionery in Aix-en-Provence. Carole Fracalosso welcomes you to craft factory Calissons Leonard Parli telling you the history of marzipan and will make you taste this dessert emblematic of the city of Aix en Provence , Cezanne City day pass included: visit Cézanne’s studio, of Jas de Bouffan country house in the vicinity of Aix, visit Bibémus quarries where the painter owned a shed to paint …

Or (depending on arrival city) Marseille

Notre-Dame de la Garde dominates and watches over the city, Marseilles, is an unexpected mosaic of buildings and monuments. The Saint-Victor Abbey, which houses the crypts which saw the birth of Christianity in Provence. Throughout the city rise the triumphal architecture of the XIX th century witnessesing the splendor of commerce from that time. The sea will be at your feet! You will discover the most charming parts of Marseille with authentic sheds completely restored by the fisherman … The Auffes valley, the Goudes …. Not forgetting the Château d’If and the islands of Friuli, between March and September you can take the shuttle to go to L’Estaque, village, from the Old Port, dear to Cézanne and Duffy.  24 hour City Passes included.

Road to Forcalquier is the capital of flavours and scents that the shop Distilleries et Domaines de Provence s ettled in the heart of this rustic authentic Provence, between mountains and scrubland, to prepare recipes and tastes of Drinks and Spirits, according to an ancient tradition of over 100 years: the Pastis Henri Bardouin, Absynthe, Bau, Rinquinquin, Farigoule … so many names that resonate on the best Zing Provence, but also in “bartenders” the hippest the world.
The citadel of Sisteron on his rock throne. It is called the pearl of Haute Provence. You can start your tour discovering the city by the famous little train (optional) . A few kilometers toSault , a chef has fallen in love with lavender, and declines in its dishes. Lamb and spelled Sisteron are essential to put his tables, but it is his work on lavender come to discover that gourmets. The first dish served is a mixture of herbs of the garrigue, lavender, sage, prepared tempura (fried in batter), accompanied by a critical apple vinegar-based emulsion and oil of lavender accompanied by a lamb prosciutto. The Lamb of Provence for the suite is prepared with crisp greens, accompanied by a sauce of wine with blackcurrant and lavender flowers, and finally for dessert an ice single lavender, which condenses all the freshness of the flower with the creaminess of the ice cream and small creme brulee that accompanies it, a true delight the palate. (We recommend this restaurant)

At the gates of the Grand Canyon du Verdon in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence , Moustiers Sainte-Marie, village classified one of the most beautiful in France, is built under the purest sky of Europe.
The village is at the crossroads Site of the Gorges du Verdon are about twenty kilometers from the village and the plateau Valensole on the Route de la Lavande. The famous Périgord truffle (tuber melanosporum) is from the land of the Alps of Haute-Provence . Called by region, black truffle, rabasse, black diamond , it is produced on poor land, but sunny plateau of Valensole and Forcalquier. A  market is dedicated to him Laugh , which takes place every Wednesday from mid November to mid March and “  Montagnac Truffles  ”in January.

lunches at your leisure (list of restaurants recommended in your travel guidebook )

2 Diners in hotel 3 or 4 **** according to the option chosen

2 hotel accommodation **** 3 or 4 depending on the option


This is the meeting between Provence and the Mediterranean that offers diversity and range of flavors with local products: herbs, summer vegetables, olive, oil classified as AOC, small Nice olives, wines , honey, fruits which are available in fine confectionery … to flowers that are part of the food in the area of gluttony … Discovery of a very typical area of the hinterland, wilder, more captivating, more mysterious.
At the crossroads of the Alps and the Mediterranean, the village of Castellane is lined lakes in the Regional Natural Park of Verdon and the Geological Reserve of Haute Provence . Enjoy the serenity of the landscape. On the rest of the course you will be charmed by the high medieval hilltop villages full of charm in the shade of chestnut trees with the atmosphere of the Middle Ages with its shops, arcades, carved lintels, its sandstone pavers, historic doors and old houses, fountains

Lunch (list of restaurants recommended in your travel folder)

Diner in hotel 3 or 4 **** according to the option chosen

Accommodation in hotel 3 or 4 **** according to the option chosen


Earth citrus, lemon is king, the flowers are even found at meat in your dishes a color sun wave, perfume land, luxury and elegance, the French Riviera

… Nice carnival city, the beach and sun. Nicknamed Nissa la bella , the city has always attracted many artists and many tourists. Its main symbol is the English riding bordering the Bay of Angels with its 5km of beaches. Here the good life has as much to the beauty of the city and its exceptional climate. The famous Cours Saleya and its markets deliver you unpublished finds and taste emotions. Come and enjoy some culinary specialties, Socca, or onion tart with wine Bellet – AOC cultivated on the hills of Nice. The Markets flowers, vegetables and fruits, fish markets … so many bright colors as fragrances of the South. Discover the old town – with its narrow streets and “piazzettas” – the city will still reserves many other treasures!

Visit the old town, panoramic tour of Nice, the little train through the old town, the Promenade des Anglais, visit the Bianchi wine cellar. Visit the Matisse Museum and the Chagall museum, visit the Phoenix Park, visit the Villa Massena, visiting various museums.

St Paul de Vence, Marc Chagall, Montand & Signoret, Jacques Prévert … personalities or famous couples, they have forever marked the history of Saint-Paul de Vence. Oppidum, bailiwick, border stronghold, city of artists … Browse the story of a village that has survived the centuries.

Grasse: Perfume (free guided tours in all languages) are a must . The activity of the World Capital of perfumes turned to international relations with thirty perfume factories that send their creations worldwide. From all corners of the world, raw materials are transported to be transacted
is why Grasse has succeeded in making its industry an art, combining luxury, refinement and quality of created or processed products. An exceptional art, visiting a perfume, you can create your own perfume during a workshop.

Monte Carlo, these 2 magic words evoke a dream and prestige universe. Your visit will discover the many facets of the Principality of Monaco, s is exceptional location, between mountain and sea, its gardens, its athletic and cultural events … From ancient times, the Rock of Monaco was a shelter for primitive populations . Monaco The story really starts from the thirteenth century. The June 10, 1215 marks the birth of the future principality, on this day, the Genoese family of Ghibellines laid the first stone of the fortress that is now the Palace. To attract inhabitants, the first masters of the Rock agreed to newcomers valuable benefits: such as land grants, or tax exemption. The history of Monaco is associated for 700 years to that of the Grimaldi Family. The Principality is a sign of luxury and elegance with prestigious addresses for your shopping.

The gardens are the signature of the city of Menton this colorful city of strong Italian inspiration is very picturesque. Since the XVIII th century, the city is renowned for the quality of its botanical spaces. It is the city where the lemon tree grows in the ground , for many years the city was ranked 4 flowers. For dozens of years, the Lemon Festival from 14 February to 5 March 2016  delights thousands of spectators from around the globe to admire the ephemeral patterns while citrus giants.

1 lunch at the Colombe D’or, mythical place in St Paul de Vence
1 free lunch (list of restaurants recommended in a travel book)

1 diner in a typical restaurant based Nice specialties in the Old Town
1 diner in hotel 3 or 4 **** according to the selected option

Hotel accommodation 2 nights 3 or 4 depending on the option ****


You leave the French Riviera, you are in Provence that smells like melon, cherry Monts de Venasque, garlic, truffle Mont Ventoux, asparagus, strawberries, the taste focaccia, thyme, rosemary, honey from Provence …

This day is a special stage will take you to St Tropez (we advise you to lunch and enjoy an iced tea on the harbor in Sénéquier)

St Tropez became St Trop in 1950 , when the Parisian artists and intellectual, spellbound by the charm of the small harbor, down to St Tropez for the summer. The myth has increased with the arrival of Brigitte Bardot in the 60s, she settled for over 20 years between his two villas Madrague and Garrigue. Since St Tropez became one of the favorite places of stay and relax in the All-Socialite Paris and the International Jet Set. Discover the village and beaches.

Continue to Avignon Provençal your step.

Lunch (list of restaurants recommended in St Tropez in your travel folder)

Diner in a typical restaurant based on specialties of the region

Hotel accommodation **** 3 or 4 depending on the option


In the wild or cultivated state, the Herbes de Provence are widely used in food, tea, perfume, medicine … They are widely used in Provencal cuisine. 
Thyme or “Farigoule” in Provencal accompanies meat while fennel or sage accompany fish.
 The so-called Savory “pebre of garlic” is used to address the goat cheese. 
But there is also rosemary, verbena, coriander, basil (pesto) …
is also cultivated anise and mint for make aperitif drinks

Avignon, the old city and the Papal Palace are famous worldwide for being the capital of the papacy from 1309 to 1376. Avignon is proud of its impressive Papal Palace, residence of popes and Catholic center of power for nearly ‘a century. All around, churches, chapels, convent and secure mansions by a ring of ramparts. Discover the Cité des Papes by foot  : 4 signposted walks (Promenade des Doms, the promenade Joseph Vernet, the walk of the Dyers, promenade Carreterie) allow you to discover the attractions of the city, churches, chapels, the old streets and mansions. Discover in the old Avignon behind the Palais des Papes in Avignon famous wine bar “ Cow Checked ”with its superb wine cellar of the XVI th century. North of Avignon wines of Côtes du Rhône are known in the US as in Japan or China.

The Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine has character. On the old papal territory winemakers have shaped the land to their special way to draw the best grapes ,  Clos des Papes is a historical terroir ! Let yourself go to the tasting of Chateauneuf du Pape areas

Visit the Palace of the Popes, the bridge.

Châteauneuf du Pape wine tasting at the Chateau Domaine de Beaurenard

Les Baux de Provence is a village 20 km south of Avignon. It is ranked as one of the most beautiful villages in France.

The village has a long and colorful history, dating back some 8000 years. It has been the scene of many disturbances in the Middle Ages, resulting from decisions of Cardinal Richelieu who ordered that the castle be demolished as punishment for sheltering Protestants insurgents. The village dates from the XV th and XVI th centuries. The steep cobbled streets lead you through the village, passing some remains of medieval stone houses.

Continue to Maillane to achieve the Light of Careers , former quarries now used for regular exhibitions with works projected against the walls of the quarry (optional site visit)

Visit an oil mill, tasting of olive oils character in Moulin de Maitre Cornille in Maussane  city olives, a true typical Provencal village famous for its olive oils and fine restaurants in the area.

The olive tree symbol of the Mediterranean was imported by the Greeks 2500 years ago. 
It can live for centuries starts producing from the age of 6 years and reaches full maturity in 20 years.
The olive harvest is traditionally by hand or with combs
 November to January.
The largest, dedicated to wine tasting, are preserved while small are cold pressed at the mill to give “virgin olive oil”. 5 kg of olives makes 1 liter of oil.

Carpentras and flavors all year .

The development of the truffle requires three essential elements: a limestone, a Mediterranean climate and a host tree (generally oak). 
We picked it up in winter at the foot of the oaks with a dog trained for this purpose.
The cultivation of truffles spreads 15 municipalities of Vaucluse and 68 municipalities in the Drôme Provençale70% of
 black truffles sold in France come from Vaucluse markets.

Bright red, plump and sweet, strawberry, sweet queen of spring, is one of the jewels of Carpentras. This kind candy offered each spring tickles the taste buds with a cloud of whipped cream or prepared charlottes chubby, child or ice. At Pernes-les-Fontaines, we made ​​a visit to a farm (family farms) in season. Enjoy also the major events you around the strawberry, organized by the towns and villages of Vaison in Vaucluse: the April 16 to Pernes les Fontaines , on April 19 in Carpentras and 8 May in Velleron !

But also the Berlingot of Carpentras. Traditionally it has been crafted for the first time, under the pontificate of Clement V , the first pope of Avignon . Originally, it was a medicinal product then used the syrup and candied fruit Gustave Eysseric in 1851 marketed the worldwide, the carton with the peppermint . Currently new flavors complement this range: coffee, chocolate, melon, cherry Monts de Venasque, lavender, Carpentras strawberry, tangerine, violet, apple, raspberry and cola and even Carambar.

Not to mention , the Melon de Cavaillon. A big celebration around the melon takes place every summer in Cavaillon.

Road to Gordes, a charming hilltop village with a myriad of narrow cobbled streets that wind up. The castle was rebuilt in 1525 and houses an art museum exhibition initiated by the owner-artist Victor Vasarely . Gordes also extends its territory, the Bories village , those curious rounded dry stone constructions, Abbey Sénanque confined in its green valley, the Bouillons and the basement of the Palais Saint Firmin …

Apt is the world capital of candied fruits. The master confectioners of Apt perpetuates today the art of candied fruit, centuries old. Guided tours and tastings from March to September

Visit a factory of candied fruit

But also visited in season near Apt in the campaign Luberon , La Ferme aux Basilisks entirely dedicated to basil species. In season, you can count on it for up to 30 varieties, each more fragrant than each other!

Roussillon one of the most beautiful villages in Provence. This magical village is like a painter’s palette, the infinite combinations of colors vary from yellow to the darkest purple through all shades of pink and red. Many artists have naturally been seduced by Roussillon: Jean Cocteau, Carzou, Buffet, Ambrogiani … and many more

Tasting season beautiful cherry Venasque. Since 1978 the “Monts de Venasque” is the first cherry trademark in France. They are harvested from mid-May to mid-July, their outstanding quality is achieved thanks to a production area in the heart of Provence very sunny all year round. The Cherry Festival is held on the first Sunday in June , cherry tasting , on-site catering with culinary events 14h and 17h in the framework of the celebration of the cherry (free village visits). Heritage Hiking ”cherry orchards . “(Guided Discovery Venasque).

Discovery of the medieval village Ménerbes that has long attracted artists – Nicolas de Staël, Picasso stopped here with Dora Maar.

Oppède le Vieux , stroll through the narrow streets, admiring the old houses and architectural details typical Provencal

2 Lunches at your leisure(list of restaurants recommended in your travel guidebook)

1 diner in a typical restaurant based on specialties of the region seasonal products
1 diner at the hotel according to category chosen

2 accommodation in hotel according to category chosen


Marseille was founded in 600 BC by Greek sailors of Phocaea, this is the oldest large French city and most complex, the most endearing.
Marseille, European Capital of Culture in 2013, is generous and cosmopolitan with its accent, picturesque old port, its Bouillabaisse and its folklore. Unknown, it does not spontaneously offers the visitor, we help you to get to know.

 The City Pass 24 hours to discover Marseille, city of contrasts with its old districts , the cart near the Old Harbour, St Victor abbey and its neighborhood, Notre Dame de la Garde (small blue and white train), patron saint of sailors enthroned at 162m above sea watching over the city : the City Pass allows free unlimited access and the entire public transport network in Marseille (Tram, Bus, Metro including the shuttle Estaque March-September ), the boat trip to the Château d’If and its legend of the Count of Monte Cristo , the little train of Notre Dame de la Garde, entrances to museumsand many discounts.

To discover baroque beauty and arrogant Marseille, do not hesitate to leave the heart of the city, each neighborhood (there are over 100) is a small Provencal village with its church, its plane trees, its boules court … square, stalls of flowers or fruits and vegetables (most famous, Cart, Square Lenche, the Vallon des Auffes, Notre Dame du Mont, Cours Julien, the Red tip, Goudes, Estaque …)

To alternate visits to your city pass, you go to the Estaque in the footsteps of Cezanne who lived there 2 years and other painters, Dufy, Braque, who stayed there (walking directions) without forgetting to taste a “chichi fregi  ” at Magali, or “panisses Estaque  ”on port ….

Marseille is his accent that sings, a marine breath a fresh air “Mistrale” Sky, exceptional brightness deep blue transparent, coves and turquoise waters, white coves with pine overlooking the sea odors in Cassis Creeks (visit possibility creeks optional ) , and many hidden small fishing ports around the city which spread on the coast of the blue coast  Niolonthe Vesse, Figueres, Mejean until the Carry Rouet with its famous Oursinades every weekend of February and January every weekend in Sausset the pines …. And if you love very typical fishing villages appointment to the Crown and Carro .

Lunch at your leisure (list of restaurants recommended in your travel guidebook)

Diner Bouillabaisse on the Old Port with magnificalviews

Hotel accommodation as selected category


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* The city pass Nice 24 M
* 1 lunch at La Colombe D’Or
* 2 regional dinners in agreement with the wines of each region
* 1 gourmet dinner at the Miramar bouillabaisse (or similar)
* Visit a factory calissons
* Visit of the distillery Domaines de Provence in Forcalquier
* Visit and wine tasting at Châteauneuf du Pape Domaine de Beaurenard
* Visit the Palais des Papes in Avignon
* Visit an oil mill and tasting of oils
* A visit to a farm in season (fruits)
* A visit to a factory of candied fruits in Apt
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